Elevation gain not applied to Everest Challenge

I realized a few days ago that more than 10,000ft of elevation gain i completed while having the Everest challenge chosen was not applied to my progress on the Everest challenge. the activity was recorded the elevation was recorded. What appears to be the issue is elevation gained while on a group ride or during an event are not counted toward the Everest elevation challenge.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

When i reported the issue to Zwift i got what I thought was an odd response. See below:

"Sorry for the late respond we’re backed up at the moment.

According to our support portal the total elevation you’ve climbed is 23.96 km or 14.88 miles. Does this match up with your Everest Total, or your Dashboard on http://my.zwift.com/? If it matches with the prior and not the latter than the challenge may only be tracking elevation gain ​outside of events (i.e. workouts and free rides).

While I’d like to award you your lost progress, we lack an admin tool to do so. The only thing I can do is provide information in the hopes that this “quirk” can be understood and hopefully our dev team is already aware of it and will fix it in the future. If they are not they will be notified either way and will get to it as soon as they can.

I"m sorry for any incontinence this may cause.

Ride On!

I am confused about their response. does anyone know if the everest challenge does not give you credit for elevation gained while riding in an event?

The same happened to me - after Alpe du Zwift stage of TdZ. Switched from California to Everest Challenge before, got nothing.
But I am at Level 9, that means not allowed riding Alpe - thought that was the reason?

I am level 16 so i have access to Alpe De Zwift.

Hi Jeff - sorry for the confusion! It looks like you’ve hit an issue that we are investigating. If you still have our logs from the ride with missing elevation - please send those in so our QA team can investigate.

how do i send them to your QA team? Thanks for your response! i am so pleased to hear you can help!!!

If you reply to the support inquiry with your logs, that should be fine. I’ve seen a few reports of this so far, so our team is aware and investigating. Thanks so much!


Thanks for your help!

I recently emailed Zwift HQ with the same problem. I just got to level 8 during the Innsbruck stage of the TDZ and my elevation gain wasn’t counted toward the Everest Challenge though stages 1 through have. I’m not yet participating in other challenges, either, so accidentally selecting one can’t be the case.

Not a huge deal, I suppose; ~3k’ won’t be too hard to make up. Just inconvenient.

Overall the team at Zwift is doing a great job. Thank you for making indoor training interactive and bearable!

Just gonna note that this precise thing just happened to me two years later on a meetup for Ven-Top - lost my elevation gains for the TRON challenge (1540m!!) - gains showed on the challenge right after the ride, but were gone the next day after another ride - I emailed support@zwift and included my logs and screenshots of the recorded and then erased elevation gains. :cold_sweat: :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

Gain and later erased - never happened for me.

Are you sure you are not logged in on more devices (for example PC + Android phone)?
That was my problem once, got corrected after logging out both.


Completed Everest Challenge Winter of 2021 and have remained in that challenge since that time.

Fast forward to now. I’ve noticed that climbing elevation total has been stuck at 50,000 km for months. I’d like to earn the Tron Bike, so not really sure what I’m doing wrong?

Are you sure you don’t already have it? In your garage it won’t show up as ‘Tron Bike’, it will show as ‘Zwift Z1 Concept’, or something like that.


Nigel, thank you. I must be the stupidest Zwift user EVER!!

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You are certainly not the first person to have this confusion. The fact that it is technically the Zwift Z1 Concept, but everyone refers to it as the ‘Tron’ bike can really throw you off.

This has happened to me, 2 meet ups organised up the Alpe so roughly ~2080 meters not added to the Everest challenge. Technical dept saying they can’t add them in! So frustrating

Has anyone received any resolution to this issue? This happened to my account 2 days ago

Does all portal climbs count towards the everest challenge?

Yes, all elevation achieved will count towards the Everest Challenge.

Thanks Steve, it just seemed that on Dec 6th the 2635 ft was not added to my total. It was my 3rd portal climbs I believe. Just wondering

Thanks, John

Today 1370m of elevation gain i completed while having the Everest challenge chosen was not applied to my progress on the Everest challenge. I can see the fit files on my laptop and if i logon to zwift website, i can see the activity. How can i apply the 1370m?

Thanks in advance, Mike