Since Monday I have noticed that any feet I have attained has not been added ie stuck on 30708/164042 is there something I am missing. I just completed another hour with Miguel to double check and it did not move.

Any chance you are logged in to Zwift on two different devices? That’s a common cause of lost distance, XP, elevation, badges, etc.


No I run zwift through a lap top and all was fine until 1st May it seems

Do you mean on a single ride, ie, you weren’t able to get 8900m+ for a vEverest?

If it’s for the Everest challenge - try going on epic KOM to troubleshoot? Have you also try to logout and login again?

I haven’t checked this - I know I do get correct elevation for my rides, will check total next ride.

No this is every ride I have done since 1st May 4 in total. I do over an hour with Miguel so not a great amount each day but prior to Monday every foot counted. I will check again after the next ride but again will be a flat route as doing a hilly ride is out if its going to be wasted

All seems fine after todays ride so it must be just me thanks