Ride saved but stats incorrect

I did a ride yesterday and this seemed to save fine. It shows up on the companion app and in my garmin, however, the stats haven’t changed.

I should have added around 600 metres of elevation to the Everest challenge, and 50 ish k to my total distance.
I also should have got a badge for completing the bigger loop.

It’s strange that I can see the ride here. So there doesn’t seem to have been a problem saving it.

Has anyone else had this?
I have sent an email also as I’m hoping someone can have a look at my Account to see if they can manually add the info,

Hi @Stephanie_Sykes

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I checked your account and noticed that you have what appears to be multiple simultaneous logins to Zwift on the same account but from different devices (e.g. iPad and iPhone). Doing this can confuse Zwift, especially when it comes time to save your activity at the end of your ride.

It’s best to make sure Zwift is force closed on all secondary devices and that it’s not running in the background at the same time as Zwift on your main device. More info about force closing Zwift can be found in this article.

Since you wrote in to our tech support team about this issue, you should receive a response shortly.

There is a limit as to what we can credit, but our tech support team will take a closer look and see what can be done to help. Thanks!

Oh I see, that would make sense.
Fingers crossed they can get this data added for me.
I will be careful not to do this again in future though,

Thank you very much for your help and quick response.

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Steven the same thing happened to me - I rode 162 km though on Friday - the ride has uploaded 5 times onto my activity feed (and into my 7 and 30 day data) but it did not add anything to my total km (the one that actually means something to me as I am working hard to get to 200,000 km). I logged a support with Zwift - got an ambassador but with an answer that was not correct (ie how to upload missing files). I wrote back again - got the same ambassador - this time I got how to upload to strava - again wrong answer.

The issue is I am missing 162 km from my total - yet weirdly added it 5 x 162 km into the 7 and 30 day data.

I do think this is a technical issue that could be resolved it if it picking it up into 7/30 days (albeit far too generously - like I would do 1800 km in 7 days…).

Are you able to assist me please?

Hi @Sharron_Yaxley_The_M

It looks like you’ve written in to Zwift support about this issue and it was escalated to our tech support group.

While I don’t see that it’s been assigned to an agent as yet, we’ll get some attention on it as soon as possible.


I wrote twice - and got an ambassador - and the end result was after cut and paste incorrect responses, was that Zwift did not have the technical capacity to fix this issue.