Zwift crashing, ride not saving, no data recorded

Zwift is crashing and no data is being recorded at the end of the few rides that I’ve done.
I’m currently in the free trial, but have ridden 2-3 small rides and “saved and exited”, but no data or achievements are being recorded. I am still at the start of level 1 and have no total kms recorded against my name.

I have dragged and dropped the 2 .fit files that I wanted to Garmin and they have synced through to Strava no problem, but Zwift is showing no data recorded.

I have a few days left in the trial and I’m enjoying the experience, but without the actual stats uploading I’m missing out on the full experience. What can I do differently to allow it to work?


Sounds like you have a weak WiFi or Internet connection.

What device are you running Zwift on?

HP Laptop. I am in my garage though, so maybe I’ll try bring it in and save the activity next to the modem… If that’s the problem then hopefully that’s a solution. Thanks.

Brett, it will help if you can run a LAN cable to your garage.

Or you can use powerline adaptors.

I brought the laptop in right next to the modem to end the ride and save and quit and still had the same issue. Once I click save to zwift, garmin, strava it loads for a few seconds then the whole window just closes and reverts back to showing my desktop. When I reopen zwift there is no record of the ride. No stats, level back at 0.

Is there anything else I can try? I’ve done 4 rides in about 8 days now and my trial is still saying I have 7 days and 25km left… Maybe I’ll just not pay and have an infinite trial :confused:

Hi Brett, and welcome to Zwift!

First, if your ride is less than 2km, then by design your ride does not save to Strava, Garmin etc. that is mainly to keep tons of short rides from clogging up your history.

I have found if my rides are over 2km they upload just fine.

When you end a ride, it is normal behaviour on Windows and Mac to end the game after it uploads its data to your connected sites

Once you have recorded a successful ride (2km+) then your trial should start counting down.

Hope that helps.

Ride On!

I have the exact same issue as Brett, saves fine if I just use my phone but crashes if I use my HP laptop.