Tier 2 support

Anyone else had their ticket moved to tier 2 support? Mine was and I haven’t heard anything back! Is it a black hole for issues Zwift can fix?

What is the issue, maybe the people on the forums can assist you in resolving it.

Good point! Zwift works perfectly but when I come to end a race and save to Strava it crashes and doesn’t save all the data.

Do you mean the program closes when you save the ride to Strava? That is what Zwift does and hopefully it gets changed in the future.

What data is missing when uploading to Strava?

Zwift just closes and nothing is uploaded to Strava even though the accounts are linked. Only 20 minutes of a 30 minute rides data is saved as a .fit file. I’ve used Zwift twice and both times this has happened.

I rode on Zwift with a mate and his Zwift didn’t close itself when he saved his ride to Strava?

Zwift ALWAYS closes when you hit the save/upload button. Hopefully this will get fixed in the future.

You might want to try disconnecting the connection to Strava and reconnecting it to see if that resolves the issue.

Missing data like that almost always points to issues with your internet connection or issues with your Wifi.

Does the file save OK when you initiate a manual upload of the Zwift .fit file to Strava?