Zwift did not log my 2:40 hr long ride

I just finished my 2:40 long ride, with around 84k ridden and zwift did not record anything. Last 30 mins of my ride I did notice there was no one on the road so it felt strange. Is there anything I can do?

Hi @M_V_Miholic

That sound like you had a network dropout, that is why you don’t see other riders and it did not save.

If you have the option to use a wired network that should help.

Happened to me this morning too. About 2/3’s of the way. I continued seeing other riders. But their names disappeared from the table on the right (but their times remained). And after save and exit, only part of my ride was saved, and no upload to Strava. The other strange thing was that I started off with an unknown jersey which I later noticed was something a group ride was using. Maybe zwift thought I was part of that group ride.

Same here, just finished a 40 km ride, shows as 5 km on Zwift. The ride started normally, but as time went on more and more other riders turned into the default model, as well as disappearing from the table on the right.

OK, where is everyone from? This could be localized to a certain location or ISP.

I’m in Pleasanton, CA (near SF).

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Croatia. But I managed to upload my .fit file to Strava after fixing it on

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Yup, it was network issue and something about time that needed to be fixed. I don’t know what, I just know that I use to fix .fit file and now I have my workout saved on Strava. Ty

Austria. Recovered the fit file, and uploaded to Strava manually.

Tried the .fit file recovery. But Strava told me it was corrupt :frowning:

Same problem here.
I fixed the file with fitfiletools but can’t change the activity date, it gets stuck at “Upload starting, please wait.” :frowning:

Same issue, 2 h ride, only shown as 5 km and 10 minutes on companion, no strava upload from zwift

Exact same thing happened to me yesterday around 21:00 CET (New York server). I allready posted my findings in another thread, together with yet another victim: Activity not recorded in Zwift

Hello, had same issue today (~16 CET). Training data not uploaded. Other riders visible, but no names, flags missing on table.

Same issue here. No names of other riders, who had black bubbles over their heads and who eventually were MIA, 10km of my 50 is recorded on my companion app, not appearing anywhere else.