Activity not recorded in Zwift

Yesterday at 19:15hrs GMT I completed the event ’ Zwift NL Ride - Ramon Sinkeldam - Pace and Race - Gaan met die banaan’, but the ride was not recored in my activities. The ride appeared fine throughout and I was able to take the ‘fit’ file and upload to Strava without any fixing. However, I would like to get the file uploaded into my Zwift activities. I found it difficult and after nearly an hour and a half I was disappointed that the ride didn’t go towards any of my achievements. Is there a means of importing the file into Zwift. Looking at the Strava, there doesn’t appear to be any problems with the data.

At the moment there is no way to manually upload rides to Zwift.

The same happened to me yesterday doing a workout in New York (Knickerbocker route).

After a while the data of other riders (nationality, W/kg, …) started disappearing, and everybody but me was wearing the orange zwift starters jersey, until finally I found myself all alone in Central Park. I finished the workout though, and saved and uploaded it (or so I thought). It never appeared on the companion app or Strava and it wasn’t there when I logged into Zwift again on my pc.

I checked and the fit file was sitting in the Zwift Activities folder on my pc. I uploaded it to Strava and it seems very much in tact.

I did a quick search in this forum and found that this bug seems to be nearly a year old. I really don’t like loosing my well-earned xp, drops and climbing meters, especially when it is going to happen more than once, so I strongly feel that Zwift should provide us with a means to upload lost activities.

Hi @Robin_Jutte,

Can you put your log file of the event into and look at the network status to see if you had network dropouts. Also look at the version of Zwift that you are using.

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Hi Gerrie,

By dropouts do you mean network errors or reconnects? I don’t know how to read the graph I posted, but the high number of reconnects toward the end of the session doesn’t look good to me. Internet connection of my laptop is wired by the way, and normally decent (WiFi only for companion app).

Game version is 1.0.42346.

That does not look good. For some reason there was a lot of network dropouts.

It is a good thing that you are on a wired connection. But something caused the drops.

@Paul_Allen Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look at my logs on the zwiftalizer.

Question is whether it was “something” on my side or “something” on the wift server side that caused the dropouts.

When you look at the threads on this issue on Jan 2nd 2019 and Feb 11th 2019 and this one (I wanted to start a new thread on the issue but Andrew beat me to it), this bug seems to happen to multiple people at or around the same time, suggesting the problem lies with the Zwift server.

I can’t say if it was a Zwift server issue or a regional network issue. According to Zwift status everything seem to be operational.

Where are you @Robin_Jutte and @Andrew_Gaskell7533 located.

Hi Gerrie,

I’m located in Delft, Netherlands.

One other observation: I logged in around 20:45 for the first time, and shortly before 21:00 for the 2nd time, very shortly after which i started my workout. This are the two (re)connections you can see at the start of the graph.

After my own manual reconnection, there is no network error until 21:40 appr. and no reconnection until 22:07. The signs that something was wrong however (disappearing flags of riders nationality) started before that, and I have got a screenshot taken at 21:35 to prove it.

@Andrew_Gaskell7533: where was the ride? In New York by any chance?