Activity Upload Issue

Hi all,

Have my Zwift linked to my Strava: normally once I have completed an activity on Zwift it uploads to my Strava automatically. However having completed an activity this morning (marked as complete on Zwift), nothing has appeared on my Strava. I have tried to access the activity to manually download from Zwift and then upload to Strava, but I am unable to do this either.

Anyone ever had any issues with this? Any help would be really appreciated!

When I tap your latest activity, it says its private whereas the rest of your activities are public. So if you clicked the option to keep it private when you saved it, maybe that could explain it .

Alternatively, the activity is similar (but not quite the same) to symptoms of a network issue (the event is recorded in Zwift but not able to be viewed and nothing sent to Zwift as it wasn’t completed). You can normally grab the partially completed fit file and pull it into Zwift but I note that you tried that.

Your log file may offer clues as to any interesting events in your activity, if you are comfortable reading it.

Also, is it that you cant find your fit file, or that you can find it but it doesnt load?

I am having this issue the week+ as well. There are not .fit files saved after my activities. I’ve lost the last several and haven’t been able to figure out why.

Are you on PC, Mac, ATV, Android?

I’m on PC. For others that may find this thread. Turns out this is known issue with a windows10 update.

I did not find their workaround article, and this forum won’t let me post a link to it.

In windows defender settings, you can find a ‘blocked access’ history and a further click through to allow ZwiftApp.exe through the ransomware protection.