Activity not posting to Strava

I switched to a new computer today to drive Zwift.  Everything works great, except the activity is not automatically uploaded to Strava.  I am able to manually upload the file, but I want to fix this issue.  I noticed in the activities folder there is a file named “inProgressActivity*.fit” even after I finish.  There’s got to be a solution for this, but I can’t find anyone that has solved it.

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Me too, Timothy. I had to manually upload my last two rides and each time saw this file that I had never noticed before. I’d like to see it fixed also.

I have had the same set up since I started using Zwift and my last two rides have also not uploaded to Strava, and the same in the activity folder.

Just been in to connections in my Zwift Profile and zwift was not connected to strava, I have now reconnected  zwift to strava and will see what happens

I am also having the same issue.  The link between Zwift and Strava has worked well for months and since the weekend I have lost the connection.  I reconnect in Mobile Link and each time I restart the app it has lost the connection again.

Same here.

Same with me. Just created my Zwift account and have logged 2 rides so far. I have my account linked to Strava but none of my rides have posted there.