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I just finished riding Stage 7 of Tour de Zwift and after saving the ride is not uploading to my Zwift Activities nor Strava. When I check the file in my ‘Documents’ folder on my PC, it is named ‘’.

How can I resolve this without riding Stage 7 again?

Hi @Tozi_Pswarayi welcome to Zwift forums
I see that you did the ride distance today, so manually credited the Stage 7 completion.

As far as the manual sync to Strava, please see this article on our support hub. Hope that helps!

Thanks @shooj. Problem solved and my activity is recorded on Zwift with file uploaded to Strava manually too. Cheers!

I’m having trouble saving my activities.
After I end the ride and click save it, it won’t appear in my activities feed. Can you help me out please?

My program is freezing 1 sec before the ride ends. If I wait, sometimes it will give the ride summary screen. Sometimes I am able to click end ride, but the computer always freezes in a black screen where I can hear the game still running. Zwift does not close down. I have to power down the computer and reboot my computer. My fit files I find on my computer as “activity in progress.” You can see this has happened of several of my activities over the past two weeks. Including races. (Ack!) And I am not sure I am getting credit for the meters climbed to the holy grail, the Tron bike. Fortunately I am finding a work around and Zwift Power has so far received my results, but crashing computers and glitching rides are not good. Crash/reboot/pray is not good for race prep. :slight_smile: Can you help me fix my problem? Thank you!

I have an issue with an activity that was aborted by a computer crash. I was on mile 55 of the Four Horsemen route and my computer went down. Is there any way to resume this ride so I can complete the few remaining miles? I have also tried to upload the local .fit file to strava and it returns the message: “The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it.” Is there anything that can be done?

You can repair the fit file:
That did it for me, manual import to Strava and Trainingpeaks no problem.
Unfortunately no chance to import to Zwift, you also get no XP and drops.

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