Inprogress activity file

I did the Watopia Mountain Route yesterday for TDZ Stage 3. When I finished it showed the badges, etc and I clicked save. I checked Strava (no data) and the Zwift activities and it is showing the ride without stats, title or completion. But I have ride on’s, followers from the ride. Looks like it cut off the last mile or so of my ride! I have read a bunch of trouble shooting and found this file on my computer for my ride yesterday: Is there a way to get this data into Zwift and show my completed activity or am I going to have to ride this stage again? Worst nightmare :frowning:

Hi @Carol_Wilton

The bummer is that the only way to upload a FIT file to Zwift’s servers is by saving & uploading. If something like a WiFi flutter or a game crash interrupts that - then it won’t save properly.

Good news, though: for Tour de Zwift - there is a way to get credited, which you can read about on this other thread. Stage 3 is a beast, so yeah - I wouldn’t want to re-do that either.