Tour of Watapoia stage 1 not uploading to strava

Hi. I completed the ride today and saved it. The ride appears in Companion but with an alert saying Activity details could not be loaded. I am unable to add it strava.

Having checked the log file there is an file.

Please help

Exact same issues here… the app and companion app show my time/distance but the fit file is still ‘in progress’, so can’t recover the finer metrics… tried to use ‘fit file tools’ to change times etc. for onward upload but no program can read it… most vexing…

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Same issue here.

Its showing in companion app but with no details. However, it hasn’t been uploaded to Strava / Garmin

Same for me on stage 3 TDW. Happened in the TDZ as well but never had the problem in a normal ride. Zwift support how do we get this fixed and get credit for badges, XP, etc.? There are posts of this bug going back to 2019.