February 2020 upload issues

Yesterday and today I’ve had a problem where, after finishing an event, riding/running for a minute or so more then stopping, ending, clicking ok it does not offer for me to save. Instead zwift just exits. Windows 10, no previous issues similar. Race result and partial activity in each case went to zwiftpower. This was the activity in progress fit file. The fit file which should be the correct one does not load to eg strava as it evidently wasn’t closed off properly. Running it through a tool and saving allows manual upload to garmin and strava but on companion app the partial activity shows as still in progress. So far I have to do one TDZ run again and am worried it’ll happen again and also it’ll happen on my remaining cycle race. Obviously not credited with ride and run properly. Missing data in ZP also. Have raised a ticket.
No internet issues and log file seemed clean in zwiftalyzer

Exact same problem for me. Before the update all was good…After the update, not so much.

I emailed support@zwift.com

Explained my issue, and was instructed to send them the contents of my log files folder to include the computer specs file, which is also in that same folder.

Good Luck!

Hi Anthony
The first email I sent contained a bunch of info essentially narrowing it down to something to do with my windows profile on my computer (I had no trouble on my profile on hubby’s PC, hubby also had no trouble in his profile on my PC). Also that it was exclusively when the activity included an event.
I was, after a week or so, asked to provide logs, which I did,.
A week later or so I got a reply which basically just listed a bunch of things to check, none of which logically had anything to do with it.
By that stage I’d tried deleting the zwift folder from documents in my profile on my PC. That seemed to work for 2 events but then the same problem occurred. At that point I again deleted that folder, uninstalled zwift altogether and re-installed. So far it has been working again. Been about 2 or 3 weeks and around 3 event activities a week. So I guess it was just one of those things.

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I have the same Issue, it´s currently not possible to save the done events.
Has anyone of you already received a long-term solution?

Greats Sebastian

Hi Sebastian
The total uninstall and re-install fixed it for me so far (though I hold my breath at the end of every ride still!).