Not synching with Strava

After today’s update my zwift ride didn’t upload to Strava. Anybody else have this problem?

How long did you wait?
Yesterday my ride took like 3h to upload to Strava.

Thanks Ben
About an hour so far
I’ll give it a bit longer based on your experience
Appreciate the response

Just saw an activity from a Zwift-friend.
He finished his ride at 5:50pm CET.
It just appeared on Strava. Now is 11pm CET.

Same here. Not syncing with Garmin or Strava. Anyone have a solution. I’ve raised a ticket. The strange thing is that I can’t open the activity in Zwift either, but it appears there, just can’t open the details.

Jeremy, Generally that means something went wrong on saving and uploading to zwift. Usually there’s nothing that can be done.

You can manually upload the fit file to Strava Not sure about Garmin.