Activity not saving to garmin, just strava

already disconnected the Garmin account from zwift and reconnected. just did a ride and saved it and it just shows up on strava (the option to save for Garmin on save menu was on).

It usually appears in GC instantaneously but everyone now and then it can take up to a couple of hours to appear. I’d give it some time.

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coming back here to reiterate the issue. overtime some activities were uploaded, but it wasn’t count towards the metrics because it wasn’t computing the calories. i had to input the calories manually, so they’d be computed.

now, there have been almost 2 week that nothing is being upload to garmin. i have to download the fit file and upload it manually, one by one.

as i use other platforms that also connect to garmin and everything works fine, felt like the issue is on the zwift side.