Zwift activities not syncing to Garmin Connect [October 2022] [SOLVED]

Hello, don’t know if this is somehow connected to the recent server maintenance, but in my case Zwift stopped uploading activities to Garmin Connect.
Is this happening to anyone else?

No issues.

After years without issues, now it does not work anymore

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Good morning, my ride this morning hasn’t uploaded to Garmin either.

Posting to increase visibility. I’m also experiencing this. It synced to Strava but not Garmin.

As a temporary workaround, you can download the .fit file from Zwift and upload it. I’m not sure if that will cause a duplicate when sync resumes, but you could delete if that happens.

Would anyone experiencing issues with Zwift activities not uploading to Garmin please post the device on which you are running Zwift? I’m curious if this is spread across multiple platforms, or limited to some subset.

I’m seeing this issue from my ride today 10/24/2022, running Zwift on a Windows 10 notebook.

Strava did sync as others have noted. I’m a recently retired Senior Software Engineer so I’m well aware that these details definitely matter. Hope this helps.

I’ve tried rides with the ipad app and the mac app and neither synced to connect

Has everybody experiencing problems already tried removing the Garmin connection from Zwift and adding it back?

Zwift uploaded fine to Strava and not Garmin (of course). It’s in the ether now. It’s quite annoying and it’s almost invariably an issue with Garmin.

A .FIT file is NOT good enough.

Free ride/warm-up just completed - synched from Zwift direct to Garmin ok and synched direct to Strava OK. Race synched direct to Strava, didnt synch direct to Garmin.

I also dual record with 1030 and prefer my Garmin fit files anyway and those activities also went through from the head unit to Garmin.

I suspect this is Garmin throttling back the Zwift deluge due to outage. They do seem to struggle with peak loads now and then.

Even if issue was Garmin, Zwift would be able to see backlog or failures, surely.

I’m thinking this page is hard coded.

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My last ride was finally synced but with siginificant delay of several hours. I did not disconnect/reconnect to garmin connect as zwift support suggested. Indeed, it was probably due to enormous backlog caused by the zwift planned maintenance outage.

2 rides this week have sync’d to both Garmin Connect and Strava.

My 2 previous rides, 1 last week and 1 the week before, did not sync to GC but did sync to Strava. I did disconnect/reconnect my GC account to Zwift but I don’t remember if I did that after the 1st ride or 2nd missing rides. I am using Zwift on an gen 1 Apple TV 4K.

One of the missing rides I tried to download the FIT file from Zwift and upload to GC and GC couldn’t read the file so there might have been something wrong with the data being sent to GC.

Same issue here - today’s ride on Zwift has synced to TrainingPeaks but not to Garmin Connect.

Same issue here as well. My ride yesterday sync’d hours later, not sure when. My ride today (about an hour ago) still has not sync’d. It was working fine before the maintenance.

And now synched.

I have the same issue. Both yesterday and today there was a delay of 3-4 hours before the ride appeared on GC. Coincidentally (?) it happened also right after midnight CEST time.
It’s quite frustrating as I have moved to GC as a primary platform only yesterday, after I got Garmin Epix…
Sync to Strava is instantaneous.

Same Problem here,zwift doesn‘t sync with my Garmin connect.
Ride was on 25.10.2022