Zwift .fit files not loading to Garmin connect

(Scott Mc Donald) #1

Approximately 2 weeks ago the upload of Zwift fit files to Garmin have been failing to load automatically. It’s been sporadic. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. For the files that don’t upload, they load ok to Strava.

I’ve attempted to load manually to Garmin and it indicates an error. I’ve attempted to use the Fitfixtool but that doesn’t help. At that point I’m forced to upload the Strava file to Garmin which of course loses information.

I’ve seen others indicate the same problem over the past weeks as well. Is there an issue on the zwift side? I’ve had absolutely no issues up until recently. I am using AppleTV 4th gen.

Thanks in advance.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Scott, have you reached out to Garmin support about this? Especially if this is a sporadic issue and isn’t happening every single time. For example your latest ride seemed to upload successfully. Sometimes Garmin won’t accept an upload if there is some kind of error in the file.

(Scott Mc Donald) #3

Hi Vincent - No I haven’t. You mentioned that Garmin won’t accept a fit file if there is some kind of error in it. Wouldn’t that be an issue at the Zwift end with the fit file generated from Zwift? Thanks.

(Vincent W.) #4

Possibly, most likely a network error would cause that. If it’s sporadic though I would try confirming with Garmin first, there have been cases in the past similar to this.

(Kyle Duffy) #5

I have been having the same issue and it is not network connectivity I am positive. It uplods fine to zwift activities and strava afterwords

(Anthony Cavallucci) #6

FYI - I’ve had the same problem. I probably don’t ride as much as you guys, but 2 of my last 3 rides did not upload to Garmin Connect. The actual problem, led me to this subject/forum. Unable to upload the .fit files downloaded from Zwift. No issues with Strava accepting the ride. Internet - no problems.

(Matthew Ronan) #7

I am experiencing the same issue. I’ve tried to fix the file with various tools to no avail. I also use cycling analytics, which is linked to my Strava. The file is imported fine to that application, from which I then can download a .fit or .csv. I try uploading those files to Garmin Connect and continue to receive errors. I am using an Apple TV as well.

(Gav Keane) #8

Hey Matthew, have zwift come back with a resolution for this? I am having the same issue. Uploads to strava but not to Garmin Connect.

(Matthew Ronan) #9

They said it was an issue in Garmin’s end. However, for some reason rides seem to be syncing now. I didn’t change anything on my end though.

(Derek Henscheid) #10

I’ve been seeing the same behavior. Some of my rides upload just fine, but now I’ve had 2 group workouts fail to upload. When I try to manually upload the .fit file it shows an error. I’ve had to turn to to get the fit file fixed for garmin. Just hoping we can get this figured out