Zwift .fit files not loading to Garmin connect

Approximately 2 weeks ago the upload of Zwift fit files to Garmin have been failing to load automatically. It’s been sporadic. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. For the files that don’t upload, they load ok to Strava.

I’ve attempted to load manually to Garmin and it indicates an error. I’ve attempted to use the Fitfixtool but that doesn’t help. At that point I’m forced to upload the Strava file to Garmin which of course loses information.

I’ve seen others indicate the same problem over the past weeks as well. Is there an issue on the zwift side? I’ve had absolutely no issues up until recently. I am using AppleTV 4th gen.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Scott, have you reached out to Garmin support about this? Especially if this is a sporadic issue and isn’t happening every single time. For example your latest ride seemed to upload successfully. Sometimes Garmin won’t accept an upload if there is some kind of error in the file.

Hi Vincent - No I haven’t. You mentioned that Garmin won’t accept a fit file if there is some kind of error in it. Wouldn’t that be an issue at the Zwift end with the fit file generated from Zwift? Thanks.

Possibly, most likely a network error would cause that. If it’s sporadic though I would try confirming with Garmin first, there have been cases in the past similar to this.

I have been having the same issue and it is not network connectivity I am positive. It uplods fine to zwift activities and strava afterwords

FYI - I’ve had the same problem. I probably don’t ride as much as you guys, but 2 of my last 3 rides did not upload to Garmin Connect. The actual problem, led me to this subject/forum. Unable to upload the .fit files downloaded from Zwift. No issues with Strava accepting the ride. Internet - no problems.

I am experiencing the same issue. I’ve tried to fix the file with various tools to no avail. I also use cycling analytics, which is linked to my Strava. The file is imported fine to that application, from which I then can download a .fit or .csv. I try uploading those files to Garmin Connect and continue to receive errors. I am using an Apple TV as well.

Hey Matthew, have zwift come back with a resolution for this? I am having the same issue. Uploads to strava but not to Garmin Connect.

They said it was an issue in Garmin’s end. However, for some reason rides seem to be syncing now. I didn’t change anything on my end though.

I’ve been seeing the same behavior. Some of my rides upload just fine, but now I’ve had 2 group workouts fail to upload. When I try to manually upload the .fit file it shows an error. I’ve had to turn to to get the fit file fixed for garmin. Just hoping we can get this figured out

I have some problem, but I can fix the fit file in when I choose “Corrupt Time Fixer”. After fixing the time, Garmin accept the file.


Same issue here.

Same issue here. It worked fine on my last ride in mid-Feb. Today it didn’t. I logged out of Garmin and back in; but didn’t help. Garmin Support failed to respond to the chat request.
Strava is getting the Zwift data.

To note, Have also been having the same issue with this for about 2 weeks. What I have tried so far is to disconnect/reconnect the garmin from my profile. My current setup is using the laptop desktop program with the companion app connecting the bike and cadence on the phones bluetooth.

The file is saved correctly on my desktop, there are no errors in the file and is uploaded to garmin though the garmin connect program after my ride, however this is a painful and frustrating process. the *.fit file is uploaded to Training Peaks and Strava with no errors.

The only difference between something that I have done is to use the bluetooth connection on my phone instead of the Ant+ dongle on my laptop.

The only thing i have noticed, is that there is always a file that is in the Activity folder. I have removed all the files from the folder and started the application again and did a new ride. The same error happens, and still does not upload to garmin. and the activityinprogress files is there again, and even there after I have closed the app on both my phone and computer. this file has a time and date that is close but not the same as the file that was saved as my workout. The time does overlap the workout I just completed.

Also been having issues with Zwift auto-uploading to Garmin. As I read through everyone’s concerns here, I’m not sure that we aren’t muddying the waters with the real issue. I (like I believe several on this thread) are not having our files auto-upload to Garmin. However, there is no issue with the Zwift file - I can download from and manually upload to Garmin without any file manipulation. Strava gets the upload just fine. Something changed not too long ago (maybe about the time the “drops” were added to Zwift).

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I’m on the same page as Jason.
I can upload my Zwift .fit activity files to Garmin and they are fine, it’s the synching (auto-uploading) that is the issue for me.
This doesn’t happen automatically as it did previously.

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My ride from Innsbruck correctly uploaded to Garmin this morning - first time in a week or more.

So either:

  • the issue has been resolved
  • the issue is being resolved
  • the issue doesn’t exist when in Innsbruck :slight_smile:

I’m Zwift user but also a IT dev involved in FIT and ANT+ projects. I am also very active on Zwift Rider France FB community. I think I’ve identified a possible issue … When you perform workout that includes short intervals (less than 30"), I’ve noticed that zwift can wrote lap timestamp as NULL. This leads to a failure when syncing or importing files through Garmin Connect. I’ve collect plenty of faulty fit files from community and develop a workaround to manually push file into Garmin Connect. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more details !


Just finished training on Zwift. Didn’t synchronise with Garmin.
To Strava uploaded without problem. Already disconnected, and connected again Garmin with Zwift.
Workout on Zwift was: Build me Up - Week 2 - Ham Sandwich.
.FIT files cant be manually uploaded to Garmin - gives error.

I get this all time. The file goes to Strava fine but doesn’t show up in Garmin Connect. When manually uploading the fit file to Garmin Connect it throws an error.

I have to use the fit file tools website to fix the file, select the corrupt time fixer option and the resultant file can be manually uploaded to Garmin Connect.

Not sure what the cause is. I used Zwift on a Win 10 laptop but issue seems to have started for me around 15th March although it is intermittent.