Zwift not Uploading to Garmin - Resync ride to garmin

Is there anyway to resend a ride to Garmin from Zwift?

My ride today uploaded to Strava but not to Garmin which has thrown out my recovery and training load stats on Garmin.

Uploading the fit file does not help as Garmin will not calculate the load.

Is it possible to have Zwift resend the ride to Garmin directly?

Not directly.

But if you use you can change the device in the fit file. :sunglasses:

I’m also having the problem today where Zwift is not syncing to Garmin Connect. Is this a known issue right now?

My ride details:

Followed robopacer Coco in Watopia for 1hr 12mins.

Freeride only.

Unlocked Tron bike

Apple TV 4k

Tacx Neo 2

Garmin HRM Pro plus

Thanks for this, it has tricked Garmin into calculating the training loads on the manually uploaded file.

Is this just a blip or any known issues with ATV sync ride to Garmin?

If I watch my ride details in the Companion app before I open my Garmin to sync than I always have to manually insert the fit file in Garmin. It is a bug that is here for at least 1 year, but (as far as I know) never has been taken care off by ZHQ.

I think something is lost in translation with the last post but…

There is no known bug with Garmin Connect & Zwift.

Occasionally there is an issue at one end which causes a delay in activities being synced. Mostly Garmin end but there was one occasion when there was a delay Zwifts end.

Also the odd user has issues where the link appears broken, mostly with ATV bizarrely. Normally unlinking v and linking again resolves it.

Unlinked and relinked, will ride again to test.

Thanks for your help

My TrainerRoad workout this morning also failed to appear on Garmin Connect automatically, so I would suspect there’s a problem at Garmin’s end as it doesn’t seem to be only rides coming from Zwift that are affected.

Started happening to me today, 5/30. Know of a couple other people experiencing the same.

My rides continue to sync perfectly to Garmin Connect.

I would try going to your connection settings in Zwift, disconnect and reconnect the Garmin Connect Connection.

This morning I’ve completed and saved a ride on Zwift. Normally, these just upload to Garmin automatically but this morning it hasn’t. Is anybody else having this problem and what’s the best way to sort it. I want to recognise the activity on my Load & Recovery stats.
Many thanks

I reset my connections last night after the first issue.

Just completed another ride and had the same issue. Ride shows fine in Strava but not in Garmin.

Hi James, I did this last night and the issue has persisted
with my ride today . Please advise, thanks.

Watopia - Tempus Fugit

1hr - 35km

Apple TV 4k
Tacx Neo 2
Garmin HRM Pro

All connections to ATV and did not drop through (data also looks intact in Strava).

I use the companion app on Android also (nothing connected to it though)

This didn’t solve the problem

I manually uploaded after fixing with the fit tool linked in a post above.

Load stats have adjusted but training readiness and recovery time has not

Thanks everyone. I’ll see if we can see anything that’s up.

My ride for today hasn’t uploaded either - suspect Garmin having issues. We’ll have a look.

Thanks, will these retrospectively sync? Or must we do these manually now?

You asking me questions to something I don’t even know if it is broken :joy:

I suspect if it is Garmin’s end they will queue but I can’t answer for them.

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