Zwift Rides Not Syncing with Garmin Connect [December 2021]

We’ve had multiple reports of Zwift sessions not syncing to Garmin Connect. We’re investigating where the traffic jam is and will update as we have more information.


Just to let you know. My zwift Run activity uploaded almost straight away this evening.

My ride had to be manually uploaded yesterday and my ride too nearly 4.5 hours last Thursday.

Seems to not be affecting zwift Run!!

So as an update prior to having issues I was not even able to transfer FIT files to import from zwift to garmin connect running on ATV4K. So what I did after my last thread this morning was to delete zwift app on APTV4K and re-install it still wont automatically sync to GC…BUT I was able to manually import FIT file from zwift to GC now…again it was just a 3km test ride to see…so not sure if its a coincidence


My activities from December 12 and 13 were immediately transferred to gc. I have not made any changes. Last week two activities did not arrive in gc.


Zwift rides on December 9 and before uploaded to Garmin as usual for me. Rides on December 11, 12, and 13 did not upload but I have been able to upload the .fit files manually. Running Zwift on iOS.

It worked me tonight just now. Dec 7 is when the problem had started for me…

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Today’s ride using Apple TV uploaded to GC.

So Dec 6 and Dec 8 Apple TV rides uploaded to GC, Dec 10 Apple TV ride did not upload to GC, Dec 11 Win10 ride did, and now Dec 13 ride via Apple TV did.

My rides using both an iPad and Mac uploaded, the iPad rides were delayed though(~1 day).

UPDATE: We have been working with our counterparts at Garmin to improve the throughput of Zwift sessions moving forward.

There is a backlog of sessions that did not upload - we’re working together to sync these as well. Zwifters should not have to do anything at this point. We ask for your patience until all your activities show up in Garmin Connect. Thanks everyone!


Last time you asked for patience it took 5 weeks to fix the companion app. Amazing.

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Please resolve it asap. Thank you

Worked for me this morning on AppleTV. Didn’t work on Sunday.


Hey Shooj - not sure that it’s just Garmin. My ride didn’t upload to Strava last night. I’ve had to do so manually. Activity number 969004008037449760 if you want to check it out.

EDIT - my warmup ride uploaded fine (started 20 minutes prior to this one, finished about 1hr20 prior).

Just tried another 3km test ride on Zwift just now and it synced instantly to GC at the same time as Strava…. my operating system is ATV4K hopefully it’s been fixed and not a tease will continue to monitor and update you in the next couple of days hopefully it’s operating correctly for everyone else

@Justin_Milligan this has happened to me in the past with outdoor rides after saving a ride on my Garmin edge 1000 wouldn’t sync to Strava right away I know your situation is an indoor one not outdoor but still looks like might be on GC end……at this point :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for the update just tried on my end and seemed to sync also

Hey Carlos - thanks for the thought - but nope. This was just Zwift to Strava. Maybe a standalone issue and a one-off but thought it worth checking out if there were other Connections not working.

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Ride last night (Apple TV) synced to GC immediately.

Yup, we’re also looking at connections between Zwift servers > third parties like Strava.

The delayed sync issue is complicated if you also have a Strava > Garmin Connect connection set up in addition to Zwift > Garmin Connect and Zwift > Strava, and so on with TrainingPeaks, etc.

This is to say that the lag you experience on Garmin Connect might be different from someone else who doesn’t have the same sync combinations set up.