Zwift not syncing to Garmin Connect

Hi there,

I use Apple TV with my trainer and manage to get all Zwift rides to show up in Strava without a problem. However, I have never managed to have my Zwift rides show up in Garmin connect. I tried again to do this today - no luck. Have followed all the steps, removed the connections, re connect etc, no luck.

Any advice?

Hi @Glenn_Blackwell_SAIN welcome to Zwift forums.

That’s odd that the upload to Strava is working, but not Garmin connect.
The way the third party connections work is:

  1. You complete a Zwift session, save and exit. This step uploads your activity from the Zwift app > Zwift’s servers.
  2. Assuming your Zwift account is connected correctly to a third party platform (here’s the official instructions), the Zwift server syncs your activity to the third party’s server.

The sync does not happen on your end (i.e. between apps on your smartphone, Apple TV, or computer).

Occasionally - there are outages that cause delays in sync, sometimes on the Zwift side, other times on the third party end, or in transit between the two. At the moment, Garmin’s system status page is not showing errors.
so if you were caught in a moment when there was an outage - your activity may take a few hours to sync. Please check your activity again on Garmin and see if it’s there now?

Thank you, yes, I have checked and there are still no rides which have been posted.

I have used Zwift on and off for 1-2 years and it has never synced to Garmin. I never concerned myself with it, however I now want to get the Garmin training details from these training rides.

Looking through your logs on the server - I’m seeing your last Zwift session was a workout “Less than 30 minute to burn” early morning of April 18 (in your time zone). A couple hours later, I’m seeing the partner connection to Garmin was removed via iPhone 13Pro. Granted - your session should have uploaded in that time, but I’m seeing no record that it did.

Over the next two days, I’m seeing multiple connections / disconnections to Garmin using the Companion app as well as the Zwift website. If you were doing that intentionally to see if your past activities would retroactively upload to Garmin - they won’t.

It looks like you haven’t Zwifted since the April 18 workout. Is that correct? If that’s the case - please be sure the connection to Garmin is made, and let us know if your next session shows up in Garmin. Bear in mind that there are minimum distances for ride / run activities to save to Zwift.

Side note: I see that historically - you’ve only used AppleTV to Zwift. In the past couple of days, I’m seeing a login to the game app from an iPhone while a session on AppleTV was already open. Concurrent logins will cause many weird issues. I realize you’re troubleshooting, but don’t log in from multiple devices at the same time. In fact - I’d recommend you uninstall the game app (not the Companion app) from the phone to avoid this issue completely.

Thanks for the comprehensive response - appreciate it. Yes, that was me troubleshooting and being remote. I never use iPhone, just Apple TV.

I have just completed 2 x rides this AM and another right now and now they are finally going thru to Garmin - so thank you.

Are you saying history won’t come thru, just new rides?

Yay! Great news. Thanks for looping back to confirm.


On a related note… I’ve had similar issues with Zwift not syncing activities to Garmin Connect since forever. It’s not every ride though. After a LOT of digging around it was caused by skipping workout intervals too quickly. This resulted in invalid lap timestamps in the Zwift FIT file which Garmin Connect would reject. I’ve knocked on the right doors with my findings and this shouldn’t be an issue in the near future.


Yeah, i’ve had this too, you can fix the fit file with something like this FIT File Tools with the corrupt time fixer but it is a pain if it happens a lot