Zwift rides not syncing to Garmin connect

Earlier I did a trainer ride with Zwift (Apple TV) and 2 hours later it has not synced to Garmin Connect but went immediately to Strava. I revoked the app integrations in all the apps and on the websites. Now that I’ve reconnected everything I still don’t have my ride from tonight. Hard to say if it’s a Garmin or Zwift issue at this point, I’m cross-posting this here, and in the Garmin forum in the hopes someone has seen this too.

If you relink I guess that “old” actions will not be synced. To I think you need to do a new ride to check if it works now.

Welcome to Forums @Q_Elliott This is Juan her a Zwift colleague. Many thanks for using this space to share your concern regarding the rides not to sync to Garmin connect. Would you mind confirming if you were connected to Garmin at that time?

I ask this because nothing will be counted on the third-party site while you are not connected. As @Tim_Vanden_Hende mentioned, a third party won’t instantly pull historical data over from Zwift considering you were not connected. Once you connect, any future rides you do should be posted.

If you were connected and the rides did not sync, I’d like to suggest try the steps below to prevent this in the future.

  • Check you have cookies and Javascript enabled for both and any third-party websites.
  • Check you’re using the most recent version of your internet browser.
  • Clear your browser cache to resolve any cache related issues. For steps on clearing you cache, check out

If after considering the guide above the issue persists, I encourage you to contact us at We would be happy to continue assisting you.

Hi there, yes I was connected to Garmin with Zwift at the time the ride didn’t transfer. I’ve since disconnected and reconnected the integration. I’ll be able to ride again on the trainer tomorrow and will let you know- hopefully I have good news.

-all my apps are up to date on the phone and my Apple TV that I Zwift on.

I got the same issue today, yesterday it was fine.

My trainer ride today showed up - late, but it’s there. Not sure what combination of things fixed my issue, but something clicked.