Zwift rides won't sync with Garmin

Been having issues with Zwift rides >> Garmin Connect for the past few months.
Contacted Zwift support. Was asked to remove connections and re-add, and Clear IE cache bla bla bla… but to no avail.

No problem with Zwift rides/runs to Strava and Training Peak.

I run occasionally in Zwift, no problem with the run activities. It gets sync to Garmin connect.

Getting frustrated. Zwift subscription is not cheap!
I join Ironman Virtual Club activities. At the moment, they don’t sync with Strava, so I rely only on Garmin. Lately Zwift rides is not syncing with Garmin… argghh!

I do notice some patterns…

My runs are… just normal runs 30mins to 2:30hr - uploaded fine
For the rides, I do mostly workouts - not uploaded to garmin
For normal rides (non workout), sometimes I noticed it was uploaded to garmin

I’ll do some testing on nomal rides.

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