Zwift won't sync with Garmin

Since Wednesday (yesterday) my Zwift rides are not downloading to Garmin. Anyone have this issue or know if a fix?


Hi @Brad_Halstead_OOA
Have you tried disconnecting the Garmin app and reconnecting it? Here is a how-to on our support hub.

If the missed sessions don’t sync automatically, you can upload the FIT files manually. How-to is also on that link.

Would you loop back and let us know this solved the syncing problem?


Disconnected and reconnected twice now with no success.
FYI - my buddy is also experiencing this same issue.

Strava uploads with no issues.

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I have the same issue.

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I had the same issue yesterday but the ride showed up today. Guessing it was an issue on the Garmin side or maybe Strava since I have Zwift feed Strava and Strava feed Garmin.

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Update: one of my rides uploaded a little while ago, but the other one and the one from today have not.
Maybe they are in a queue somewhere waiting to be uploaded…

I have the same issue. Yesterdays and todays rides both uploaded to Strava and Training Peaks, but failed to upload to Garmin Connect. i have disabled and re-enabled Garmin upload and also reinstalled the Zwift app for Apple TV.

Same here , no zync to garmin or strava

Now my second ride yesterday has uploaded but not my ride from this morning, so it looks like the individual rides are queued up somewhere and it is just taking time to sync.

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Forgot to add start Strava uploads are working just fine.

All: our QA team has reproduced this issue, and we’re on it! I’ll update this thread when it’s been fixed.

Thanks everyone for finding and reporting on this one thread. It helps us see the extent of the issue. I appreciate you!


Same for me. I ran yesterday morning and still nothing on my Garmin Connect app.

I have the same issue, no upload to Garmin.


Same problem… I had to export the file from Zwift and Import it into Garmin Connect… and it duplicated in Trainingpeaks and had to delete the duplicate.

Same problem
In a general way nothing from strava synchronises to garmin anymore since yesterday
Also when exporting the gpx manually, only the heart rate and the speed is transfered, not the power…

Same problem! No upload for me to garmin connect!

+1 on what most of the above said.

Same here! That’s two days in a row now it has not synced to garmin Connect.

I’ve had the same issue too! 2 days ago my rides were syncing instantly and now its not doing anything at all!
Rides do sync to TP and Strava but not to Garmin

Same problem here :frowning: