Zwift not saving to Garmin or Strava

Hi Guys

After Today’s update and ride 21/07 the session did not save to Garmin or Strava. I downloaded the .fit file from Zwift but that file would not upload to Strava (error msg about a problem with the file).

I manually uploaded the Zwift file to Garmin and that went OK. I then downloaded the Garmin version and was successful in uploading that file to Strava.

When riding Zwift I noticed the Alpe section time data, usually on the left of the screen, was missing. <sigh>

I also noticed I received 4 ‘clean’ pictures amongst my usual five or six data laden pictures in place of the usual single image.

I’m not sure if this is connected but Windows displayed an message saying an app had changed some default settings for pictures. Windows tells me it has returned the settings to default.

All this after the update today.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with our newest update.

When you have a moment, please access the Connections section of your Zwift Dashboard, disconnect Strava and Garmin, refresh the page, and connect them again using your account credentials. After everything is reconnected, please log out of Zwift, reboot your PC, and log back into Zwift.

If you continue noticing issues uploading activities to Garmin or Strava, please let me know. To further research the concern, I’ll need to ask for a few resources to research through.


A similar problem happens to me, but doing tests I verify that this happens to me when I use the training plan that I offer for 6 weeks. If I practice without a plan or I choose a plan, without being this automatic for 6 weeks, it automatically transmits me to Strava and Garmin.

Anyway I will continue testing, after last updates I had not rebooted my MAC, now I will do it and I will continue trying.