Zwift Workout not syncing to Garmin

Hey guys,

I have an issue since months now. I already disconnected all services from each other (Zwift, Strava, Garmin).

Here is the Issue, as soon as I select an workout and finish the ride in Zwift, the file will not be uploaded to Garmin. Normal ride works fine but even when I start an normal ride and than select an workout during the ride it won’t show up in Garmin. Even when I download the fit file from Zwift it won’t process in Garmin at the manual import. BUT when I use the fit file with the fitfiletools and correct the start date and time than the file uploads to Garmin easy. The upload to strava works fine but I can’t get the workouts done in Zwift into Garmin automatically.

Any help or solution

when you used the fitfiletools, did you select corrupt time fixer option or the time adjuster and then adjusted it yourself?

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Hi Lauren,

I used the Time Adjuster and adjusted myself. So now I removed the activity in GarminConnect, tried to upload the old fit file straight from zwift without fitfiletools correction, still didn’t work. Used this time the corrupt time fixer and the upload worked also. I this something I have todo for all workouts or is there a permanent fix/solution?

The solution is to not skip workout segments quickly. Make sure you spend at least 1 second in a segment before skipping it, this way Garmin won’t find the .fit file invalid.

You are awesome. That just made my day and worked perfect. Spend 5 seconds in a segment before skipping and worked. THANK YOU