Activity not uploaded to garmin

Hi there, Today I have done my activity on zwift and as of lately I don’t register the activity also with my garmin computer because of the new integration in the training status between zwift and garmin. The problem is that today for the first time the activity is not in my garmin connect and also if I try to upload it manually on gamrin connect he don’t let me. Is a issue only for today and more importat does this happen only to me?
for reference in the last 2 week I biked almost every day and there was no problem.

Was it by any chance an interval workout where you skipped some intervals? Doing that can lead to lap times of 0 which Garmin doesn’t like.

Try to download the .fit file from your Zwift profile and run it through the corrupt time fixer here

Then try to upload the fit file to Garmin again and see if it works.

You are amazing!!! I skipped the cooldown (bad of me) but your solution fixed the problem!!! Thank you very much!