Activities aren't saved

Hi ever since the new update, zwift won’t save my activities. I’ve done 3 activities so far that weren’t saved even though I clicked save. They’re not on my zwift activity feed, they’re not synced to my strava and I also can’t find the activities in my Document/Zwift/Activities folder. Anyone know why this is happening ? Thanks

I’m seeing the same issue. I did 3 activities this morning, none show in my activities feed, but the courses look checked off (first time riding 2) within Zwift.

I DO see the FIT files on my local desktop, but they won’t upload to Strava saying malformed. I take that with a grain of salt because it won’t upload an older activity that did save to Zwift previously.

Mine wasn’t showing anywhere. I just found out too i can’t modify my workouts, if i add something and click save, it won’t save. I tried reinstalling and the issue remains :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Are you all running Windows?

We’ve been suffering from this here too but I just noticed that Windows is blocking ZwiftApp.exe from modifying “protected folders” like the Documents folder. You have to click the security alert (bottom right of the taskbar to bring up the notifications), click to expand the recent alerts, then if it says it’s blocking ZwiftApp, click “Allow on Device”.

That fixed the problem for us!

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Yes ! I’m running windows PC and this solved the issue. Thanks and ride on !