I can't save ride / save or modify workout

I’ve now done 4 rides without being able to save em and just now i tried to modify my workout and i couldn’t save it too.
I think the save button has problem.

I’ve reinstalled and it still didn’t work and the rides don’t appear in Documents/Zwift/Activities folder too.

Please see the image and link below for proof.

Zwift forum wont let me write links


Think I’m dealing with the same thing. My rides from 8/24 and 8/25 weren’t saved. The Activities folder and any fit files in there haven’t been updated since 8/20. Same with the log files but there are launcher logs.


I also tried to change some in game settings such as Windowed vs Fullscreen which said I have to exit the game and that change didn’t get saved.

My workout history does show my last two sessions but I did notice that the date is wrong on them, they’re one day ahead of when I did them.


I tried to create a new workout to test and what do you know?


Since the log file isn’t being updated either, I have no idea why it failed to save. Nothing stands out in EventVwr either…

Running as administrator didn’t help either.

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Update, it looks like windows suddenly thinks Zwift is a threat!

Perhaps I/We recently turned on Ransomware protection without realizing it?


You can add it to the allowed apps:



Now everything is working great!


THANK YOU FOR THIS ! It works now !!!
Ride on Fence !

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Thank you so very much. I haven’t tried it yet, but programs that didn’t work well run well. Thank you again.