No saved Ride after saving

i’ve done my FTP 10-12 Weeks workout on 2018.12.28 /Week 9 / Day 4 and during the ride i Level up from 17 to 18. After the ride i save the workout and now i can’t find the record. Not on Zwift, not on Strava and not on Garmin… My Level is on 17…What went wrong? Please help me!

It sounds like the upload of the activity to the Zwift servers failed. After clicking on the button to save and upload, did you happen to shut down your system prior to being taken back to the login screen?

What platform are you using? It may be possible to recover a partial fit file for the activity. You will want to open a ticket with Zwift support to see whether they can apply it toward your totals.

Just sent a message to support re this. My ride also did not save today. There was an update before logging in.
Noticed that only my name was on leader board and no other rider icons other than Zwift’s Bots.


Also no log file created on local server.

Same issues as above on Mac. The past two workouts haven’t registered on Zwift. The last one finally synced with trainingpeaks/Strava (not on Zwift, at least as of this posting), and nada for the first one.