Ride not saved no fit file on PC

This is the second succesive day with an issue on the 20th rode 23miles, stopped exited and ‘saved’ no ride went to Strava, looked on the forum and found a post about the .fit file in Activities folder, two files in the folder both very small, neither will import into strava.

Rode 21 miles today, again finished and ‘saved’, again no ride in strava, this time there is also no .fit file of any type in the activities folder and no record on my zwift dashboard.

There were no errors in the zwift software.

Pretty poor for a paid for service!!

You can also download the .fit files here: https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp

The one from the 20th should be there but I don’t see the one from today, but it does say you are still riding.

Your issues might be caused by connection issues.

The download from the 20th is about 1kb and is invalid for import into strava, you are correct there is no record for the ride from the 21st, i can’t see anywhere that i am still riding, how would i change/stop this?

I could imagine that connection issues could cause this issue, but my laptop was in the same location before during and after the ride and after the ride had internet connectivity. That aside i would have thought that the software should be able to recognise that it is unable to save any information either over the internet or locally and inform the person currenlty sweating their ■■■■ off that their efforts are being wasted! ;-(

i know that nothing in the world is perfect, and it’s a bike ride not world peace. But it would be nice if the software could at least inform me that some kind of error has/is happening.

I used the Zwift Mobile Link to search you and check your activities and it still shows you are riding. You might want to submit a ticket to Zwift Support to have them look at your issue: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

thanks for your help, i have submitted a request for help to Zwift support.

Since you submitted a ticket, I’m going to close this thread and we’ll work with you further there.