.Fit file not finalising and/or no record of ride

Has anyone else had issues where after saving a ride it doesn’t appear in Zwift activities or upload to Strava?

Eg. it just doesn’t exist, I’ve had a look at the /fit files and they are only 1kb. I’ve had issues with the .fit files not finalising lately but this current issue is really bizarre!

I’ve uninstalled, removed / disabled antivirus and have a hardwired 100mbps internet connection through ethernet (so no connectivity issues).

I have an increasing number of rides that the .fit file doesn’t exceed 1kb in size and therefore doesn’t contain any ride info, even after substantial 1hr+ long rides.

You on Mac OS?

No, Windows 10 here

The only thing I’ve seen similar to this is a permissions problem such as mentioned in this old post

I’m just throwing ideas around, I’m not sure if windows 10 needs explicit permission to write files in the location of zwift or if you need to be an admin like mentioned in the post or if some syncing thing is messing things up.

Disable Ransomware Protection in your Windows settings, or allow ZwiftApp.exe through so it can write files. This fixed my problem.