Lost ride and no .fit file?

I did a ride yesterday and when i exited zwift it has not uploaded to strava. I’ve looked in my activities on the hard drive and the file that was created (according to the log) is not there. I’m using a macbook, the only thing i can think is that the hard drive is nearly out of storage and somehow this has effected the save?

Is there any other way of recovering the lost file? 

There is a ride for you that was uploaded to Zwift recently that was 15miles in distance, it that the one you are referring to? If so you can download it from Zwift and upload it to Strava.

Thanks for the reply - it wasn’t the 15 mile ride it would have been closer 18.5miles, on 6/10.17 completed at 1851 (according to the log).

If you’re nearly out of space, then yes, that’s going to be a problem. Zwift needs storage space to save your fit file before it can upload.

If you see the activity on your my.zwift web dashboard, but it doesn’t have a fit file - or the fit file isn’t complete, then it’s a sign that it wasn’t able to upload completely (which points to the storage space). If the activity isn’t on your dashboard at all, then it’s a sign the ride didn’t save properly - which would be a different issue.

Submit a ticket with your logs if you need further help looking into this. Thanks!