Lost ALL Data for my ride today

This was my third ride on Zwift, After saving the ride asI have done successfully before, all the data did not save or upload to Strava. Luckily I still used my Garmin to track my training data, so obviously zwift is not reliable enough as a main source of recording training data. Quite frustrating! Will not paying $10 a month for program I don’t think.

Hi Shaun, sorry about that. Unfortunately the internet is a finicky thing sometimes.  If the ride didn’t upload you can always find your fit file in Documents/Zwift/Activities on your computer just as you would on a garmin device.   We place a pretty high value on saving your exercise data so we’ve tried to make sure the fit file is reliable.

I have a similar problem today where the fit file stopped at 2.7 miles and I actually did 13 miles! I noticed that there were over 1100 riders on so maybe it’s an internet traffic problem. I do not think I will be subscribing.

Norbert, are you saying the fit file on your hard drive stopped writing, or the one on Zwift.com that you can download from our website was incomplete?  The one on the harddrive in Documents/Zwift/Activities should be up to the second regardless of any internet connection.

Jon, the .flt on the hard drive was the correct size. When uploaded to Strava it showed the correct data. The activity shown on my.zwift shows incomplete.

many thanks

Is there a manual upload for FIT files into Zwift yet? I have two rides that have not uploaded and I do want to level up…

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This happened to me today. I did my first 50km ride and pressed the " back " button instead of upload to Strava.


Had some help to locate the fit file of the ride on my PC and then manually uploaded all info to Strava- Result !!!

the fit file ( ride data ) can be found on a PC at Documents/Zwift/Activities.

Hope this helps

I can see it and when I try to open it, it asks me how I want to open it (what app do you want to open it with).  So…now what?  

Nevermind, I figured it out.  Thanks for those who shared in January how to fix this issue.


I just started the IOS version and after finishing the ride I was told I wasn’t logged in. What? I did the London ride and all my data and time indicated I was in the app, and comparisons against my last ride were there. Any suggestions?

The same for me on the iOS app.

Each time it will save successful without an error. But If I click on my user name again, it will show me an error and cannot login. I have to close the app and open again. Then no last ride record.

E.g this afternoon, after ride i have about 20km, it totally lost.

It’s un-bearable for a training app. If the network lost during training, it should upload later when network back. Unlike PC/MAC, i cannot find the fit file from iPad


Please fix it A.S.A.P.

I’ve experienced similar problems as above. First couple of rides were fine but since subscribing monthly nothing loads from iOS and obviously there’s no saved file. As far as I’m aware I have no wi-fi issues and luckily I also run my Garmin as a back up. If it doesn’t improve I will certainly cancel my subscription.

Same thing for me last night, noticed that my battery was running low on the iPad (started 40% and drained in 50 mins). Workout looked like it had saved but no evidence as such. It’s not an excuse that the internet is a ‘best efforts’ network, the internet has very many mechanisms for package acknowledgement. Save the ride locally until you have received an ACK!  

Same problem. First two rides on Zwift, one on free trial and one as a paid member, both did not save to the Zwift activity folder (just partial activity with no data). I have saved the files from iOS to Strava, but cannot find how to upload a Strava file (.gpx?) back in to Zwift. While I have my exercise files, I don’t have any of the levels or bonuses within Zwift which makes the user experience less than satisfactory from a gaming perspective. Is there a fix and/or way to upload Strava files in to Zwift?

Same problem. Frist 100km ride today on iOS. At about 80 km i was the only rider on the course. When i save to Zwift an error, and ditten get the 100k Jersey or the zipp 808 wheels i earned for 3 hours work. 

Same Here on iOS. Can I find the file somehow on my iPhone?
I had a nice 6.5 mile run lost :slight_smile:

I had the same issue this morning, did the FTP test workout and no save, said I was not logged in. Fit.file upload to zwift but clearly corrupt.

Same here. Intense 30 minute workout on my second ride ever - all data lost. Not a good new user experience! 

It seems like this is quite common given all the activity in this thread. Would be nice to hear that Zwift are making progress on this one. Data loss is a big deal and will lose them users. 

I have the same issue. Was this ever resolved?

I rode the Watopia Mountain loop  on OIS and noticed there was no-one on the island. The ride didn’t save to Zwift or Strava but I managed to find the fit file and upload the Strava.  However the ride is still missing from my Zwift statistics.  Never had this problem using  a pc.  Is there anyway to upload the fit file into zwift?


Ok, we’ve updated our iOS version today and it has an important change.  We’ve added *tons* of logging about the network status for iOS, we try to save multiple times now rather than once, and we added a way to email us those log files.

Grab the update from the App Store, and go for rides as usual.   If you lose a save for some reason, once back at the title screen tap the ‘Zwift’ logo on the title screen 3 times and attach your log file and send it to us.  Then post in here or open a support ticket that you’ve sent logs in for a save failure.

This issue is something we’re actively investigating - it is all the same code we use on PC and Mac, but it seems that iOS seems to have more issues staying connected and saving.  These new logs should help us tackle the problem sooner, but we do need your help.

PS, The same screen will also let you mail yourself the fit files for easy upload to Strava.   I know it’s still a pain, but it’s better than having to use iTunes to get the files off in the meantime.