jan 6th session

i saved my ride…but it’s not registering with you guys nor strava.  can you check to see what happened?  



Hi John, we’re looking into some issues with uploads to Strava right now, but in the meantime your fit file from the ride will always be in your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder and you can manually upload it anywhere you please.

The problem is it’s not I the activity folder.  I know I ended it and saved it.  It showed my watt output.  This was within the past 24 hrs.  No way to check with ur servers to see if it reflects my activity?  Or is what o say same as what u see?

Hrm, is your Documents folder auto-sync’d to dropbox or google drive?  Do you have anything odd with your profile on your operating system (like, it only exists if you log into a corporate VPN)?   Is the hard drive full? 

If the fit file is missing, it’ll never end up on the network servers as we upload the actual file from your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder.