Files - Wanted [March 29, 2024]

Can Zwift support and send me the files, that normally is saved on
Documents\Zwift\Activities folder or can I find it myself?

If you see the rides in your activity feed on you can download the FIT files from there.

The .fit files isn’t on Zwift side.
Any other suggestions?

So the FIT files you’re looking for are not the ones on the right hand side of your screen shot?

You can certainly try contacting support about it, but I’m not sure what they can do for you if the activities you want the data for are not in your feed. Have you already linked your account to any of the third party sites like Garmin or Strava? That would give you more options for accessing ride data.

Hi @Poul_Bjerrum. I’m Juan from Zwift. Welcome to Forums. I appreciate you taking advantage of this space to get help from our community.

I comprehend the importance of getting your files to track your progress. I moved toward your account and noticed that you have been experiencing issues reading the files. I see that your recent activities doesn’t have data saved. That could be the reason the ride is not there. Keep in mind these things:

  • If you experience internet issues while saving or are logged into Zwift on multiple devices at once, it can result on this.
  • There’s a sync program (e.g., Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive) syncing your Documents\Zwift folder: We recommend either excluding your Documents\Zwift folder from your sync program or temporarily closing these programs while Zwift is running to prevent conflicts.

I hope you don’t mind contacting us by clicking here to look into this. We will be happy to help.

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Thank you for your email.

Please note that my training wasn’t save on Zwift.
Is e.g. Dropbox in anyway connected with that fails?
I understand if the .fit files won’t be saved on my PC, but shouldn’t it be on Zwift account ?

Thank you very much.



My account is linked to Strava, but the strange thing is, that even though I saved the training, the .fit files on Zwift isn’t saved.

Thank you for trying to support, it’s appreciated.


So it uploaded to Strava but didn’t save on Zwift?

Yes unfortunately Zwift writes application data to the Documents folder. As Juan mentioned, you should exclude Documents\Zwift from Dropbox.

There is a topic about this issue:


Sorry for asking many questions , how do I exclude - Just delete the Zwift folde on PC ?


No upload anywhere and it’s not visible in Zwift.


No don’t delete the folder. Change the settings in Dropbox so it doesn’t sync the folder.

I see you are on ZwiftPower.

Have you looked under the ‘Activities’ tab from your profile page in ZwiftPower. If your ride shows there you can download the fit file from that Activities tab location.


It ain’t showing the ride.


OK - Thx I will try it next time.


I’m really sorry for all my questions, but in Dropbox I don’t see any file regarding Zwift…….I give up……would it be better to delete Zwift on PC and then re-install ?

Hi Juan,

Please see this film (I’m not sure it will be visible in the forum :blush:)
The ride isn’t anywhere - Can Zwift support ?