Zwiftpower has activity but not zwift

I did a race today on my trial account. I will probably subscribe back to Zwift when the weather gets bad.

My ride is not visible in my activities but I think i’ve found the solution for that in an article here called [[Workaround] Zwift not saving rides/creating folders]

My ride is visible in Zwiftpower. What I don’t understand is how can my ride be visible in Zwift power if it wasn’t saved and can I get the .fit file? Any ideas please?


At the moment there is no way to upload .fit files to Zwift.

Thanks but I really don’t need to upload the .fit file. I don’t have the .fit file and I would like to know if it can be downloaded from Zwift power as it is not visible in my activities within Zwift but it is in Zwift power.

If you go to your profile in ZP you can download all the .fit files.

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This is getting wierd. My race results have all the data but when I go to the activities tab the ride isn’t there. I’m afraid i’m not allowed to upload screenshots.

Click update activity list and give it a day.


ZwiftPower will only populate your Activities if they have a fit file; which means you must save your activities publicly.

Results use live data in the absence of a fit file.