ZwiftPower not processing my fit files

Over the past two weeks I have noticed that none of my fit files are being processed on zwiftpower. I get the live data from each event (green lightning bolt), but it no longer turns blue to show the fit file has been processed and my numbers updated to the more accurate figures. (This is the annoying as the live power data is flat for the first 10-15 seconds)

If I go to Activities on my profile, all my rides are there with the fit files. I have made sure my events are set to public, both by default and individually. I have disconnected and reconnected Zwiftpower from Zwift. I have gone through the process of forgetting my Zwift ID on ZP and then reconnecting that way. No joy.

I notice my partner is having a similar issue. It used to be we could go on the forum to ask Sticky for help. Is there anyone managing ZP now and able to help with this?

Yes, is the replacement for Sticky.

Having said that, have a quick read of these threads (you arent the only person having this problem).

Thanks Dean, I’ve emailed the address, but unfortunately I am just getting the stock answer of ‘make sure your events are set to public’ so though I would post here too. Thanks for the other threads I will add a comment there.


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