Fit File data missing on ZwiftPowwer [March 23, 2024]

Several recent events seem to be stuck at “live data” for me on ZwiftPower. Mostly on Big Spin events. but also on today’s Zwift Games. (Most others in my ZG event have updated to the blue thunderbolt)

I double checked and my default is still set to public and the event itself is also public.
It looked as if a couple of others might have also been affected – they generally have blue bolts, but not on this event. (Several others are green for every event, so probably their preferences)

the ZG event in question : ZwiftPower - Login

When I look you up on ZCA you show as Private.

ZCA still shows me public when I look at my settings.

I think I have seen previously that the Approve Follow Requests set to on can cause the green/blue bolt issue.

The Big Spin rides do look wrong on ZP. Also another post re same issue.

The stage 5 Zwift Games climb results look better.

I suppose it is possible. But I’ve had approve follow on since day one. Well north of 300 events with blue lighting bolts.

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I have the same issue. Have never had my lightning bolts stay green, but have experienced it several times these last weeks. Have not changed any settings.

Two big spin events for me yesterday. One went blue. The other remains green.
Eyeballing the latter event-- It looks as if there are a few blue bolts in the bunch, but the vast majority are green.

I’ve deduced that my problem is related to doing back-to-back events (and perhaps specifically rejoining the same Big Spin event after finishing it). This seems to create too many fit files for ZP to get its head around, so it mixes up the power numbers

Hi everyone. Welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. Thank you very much for your patience here!

Surely, seeing that your activities do not update to blue bolt could be surprising. I appreciate you taking the time to share your concern here. Currently, we are having a problem processing fit files correctly, especially with scenarios where members joined an event and performed another activity immediately after that event.

We are still working to fix it. We expect to overcome this after scheduled maintenance on Zwift Power.

I kindly ask for your understanding. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. You are always more than welcome.

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I don’t generally do back-to-back Big Spin events by rejoining, and yet the majority of my recent rides have never processed fit files on ZwiftPower, despite being saved as public.

Hello, there is the same problem in these two races from Saturday April 27 2024. Only a few racers have the blue lighting.
Is it possible to fix it ?
Thank you