Zwiftpower data not updating

Hi Zwift,

I’ve done a couple of events this weekend and for two of them the fit files are not processing (green → blue bolt). Is there any button I can click to reactivate uploading? The rides are public so it is not a setting from my side.

Also for one event; riders are in the results who exceeded cat limits (i.e. 4.3 wkg for 20min in B cat). Auto filter flagged them correctly but they have been reinstated in the finalized results. Will this be updated?


I’m have a very similar issue. Did you ever find a solution or hear anything in response?

Add me to the list! I can see one or 2 of my rides but most are not uploading.

Have you had any luck with this?

Unfortunately this is just something to get used to. With all the correct settings, the zwift fit file in your activities list on zwiftpower, dual records, etc. that lightning bolt just won’t change colour sometimes :sob::grin: