Upload fit file manually

My lightning bolts are usually all blue on ZwiftPower, but lately I’ve had two instances of them staying green. The races are in my Zwift activity feed and on my Strava, but it would appear the fit files haven’t uploaded to ZP like they’re supposed to.

I would think it should be possible to retrieve them from somewhere and upload manually, but I have no idea how. Does anyone know? And please, imagine you were explaining this to a 10-year old

I can explain it to a 2 year old. You can’t do that.

However, there is another thread reporting a similar issue.

Assuming the activity is public your options are to wait and see or email zwiftpower@zwift.com

I was just advised to try the analysis tool on ZP. On that, I was able to select the file and the race in question on a couple drop down menus, and after that I saw all the data on my screen. Still not sure if that has solved the problem, but it might need some time to update, so I guess it’s a waiting game now