What is up with the fit files from this race?

I am puzzled by the power data/fit files at this event: https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=3595196

While things look okay in race category A, the majority of fit files in category B (as well as C and D) seem to either have been processed incorrectly or not at all. Many lightning bolts are still green, and even riders with blue lightning bolts have a variability index of minus 20-40% (which sounds impossible given that the variability index must be positive). Also, the event time on zwiftpower is 18:15 last Wednesday, but the race started an hour later.

Is this a bug or a bottle-neck? And who is responsible, zwiftpower or the race organizers?

I’ve just done a reset of the event and scheduled a further update for ten minutes.

This may not achieve anything.