Warning: Doing Spin events for warmup may confuse fit files

I’ve had a few issues with green lightning bolts on ZP lately. The events are just fine in my activity feed and on my Strava, but on ZP they stay green.

What I’ve been doing is I’ve been joining the Spin ride as warmup to a race, and then rejoining after I cross the line the first time. After that I join the actual race I was planning on doing.

This seems to cause the machine to confuse the fit files that are generated when uploading to ZP. I certainly didn’t do 4.4 or 5.0wkg for 20 minutes in any of those Spin events preceding my actual races.

So just a warning - if you’re going to do the spin hack, don’t do it as a warmup to an event you’d like upload correctly :slight_smile:

I’m seeing events never get the green bolt from fit file generally.
It doesn’t seem limited to doing a spin ride before a race.

the thread

It might be related to back-to-back events more generally (something Zwift is looking into as we speak). Or that is at least the issue I am referring to in this thread - there are other possible reasons for why bolts can stay green.

That might be what I’m seeing.
I always do a pace partner warm up before a race.
I did get the blue bolt on my race 3/13. The only other blue bot since then is a spin-o-matic event yesterday that I did with no warm up.
So maybe something specific to the most recent game release…