Lightning bolts- green to blue

Wondering if anyone has any insight into when lightning bolts turn blue in results? 99% of mine never turn blue, we’re talking pages of green here. How do I get them updated or finalized? Or is this even possible? It’s quite annoying seeing 1min 30sec and 15sec stats always the same.


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Are your rides saved as private in Zwift? They need to be saved as public for ZwiftPower to access them IIRC

Completely open

Total guess, but I think rides sourced directly from Zwift have a green bolt, and rides from Strava have a blue bolt. When I mouse over them, green is ‘Source: livedata’ blue is ‘Source: fitfile’

Zwiftpower doesn’t get data from Strava. The green bolt is from the live Zwift feed, and the blue bolt is from the Zwift fit file.


OK, thanks for the clarification. Over time they all go blue?

Normally takes a few hours. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, especially on TTT events where you have to sit in the pen for awhile after the timer hits zero.

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Ya, “normally” takes a few hours to be finalized. My issue is mine never change at all, ever. So looking at my data the numbers are all the same across, for every race I do. Not the end of the world, as I use other tools for data. It’s just very annoying.

My bolts usually turn blue within a day, although I had two rides of TOW since the 19th and those are still green.

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I am wondering about the significance of the blue & green lightning bolts seen in ZP against your average power.

I have just become aware that all of my cycle activities shown in ZP have been highlighted with the green lightning bolt since February 2021 while most other riders in same activities show the blue lightning bolt.

Any ideas about this & how to fix it?

The Activity Privacy in the companion app must be set to public for them to be “complete” (blue) in zwiftpower.

Thanks Justin

None of my rides since 9th November have picked up the fit file (ie transitioned from green to blue lightning bolt) in Zwift Power. I suspect this is because I changed activity from public to private on my companion app for one race. I immediately changed the setting back to public but clearly something is stuck. Any suggestions?

Just double checked my companion app and I’ve noticed I still had age privacy checked. I’ve just unchecked it. Will the 9 (most recent) rides now be updated? - picking up the fit files - are will they stay green?

Try “request update”

Didn’t test it myself!

Thanks Milan. I’ve tried that today but it has not worked. I think its a glitch - wish I’d never touched the privacy settings on the companion app.

you can Go to the activities tab in Zwiftpower and resfresh the Race Data. so the Changes in Companion App will appear in Zwiftpower .