Lightning bolts- green to blue

Wondering if anyone has any insight into when lightning bolts turn blue in results? 99% of mine never turn blue, we’re talking pages of green here. How do I get them updated or finalized? Or is this even possible? It’s quite annoying seeing 1min 30sec and 15sec stats always the same.


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Are your rides saved as private in Zwift? They need to be saved as public for ZwiftPower to access them IIRC

Completely open

Total guess, but I think rides sourced directly from Zwift have a green bolt, and rides from Strava have a blue bolt. When I mouse over them, green is ‘Source: livedata’ blue is ‘Source: fitfile’

Zwiftpower doesn’t get data from Strava. The green bolt is from the live Zwift feed, and the blue bolt is from the Zwift fit file.

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OK, thanks for the clarification. Over time they all go blue?

Normally takes a few hours. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, especially on TTT events where you have to sit in the pen for awhile after the timer hits zero.

Ya, “normally” takes a few hours to be finalized. My issue is mine never change at all, ever. So looking at my data the numbers are all the same across, for every race I do. Not the end of the world, as I use other tools for data. It’s just very annoying.

My bolts usually turn blue within a day, although I had two rides of TOW since the 19th and those are still green.