Resetting a result

All - in land, if, after processing has completed, you still had the green bolt (and not the blue one) you could ask for it to be reset.

In the case of this event - Zwift Power - KISS Race Series - Americas AM - there are a few people with blue bolts (including me).

Can I still ask to be reset so I get my actual power numbers?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. Have emailed. We shall see.

12 days later I can see these are still around for your race… I was thinking of requesting the same for a race I entered yesterday but it looks like I will only lose time…

Yeah, they didn’t / wouldn’t fix it saying that they couldn’t get hold of the original fit file (which you can download from Zwift!)…

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Typical Zwift these days… not that we are not paying for this service. The worst, really, is knowing that it used to be something we could request and the likes of Sticky would happily help with, but paid Zwift staff cannot :frowning:

Yeah, I thought about messaging Sticky but I’m sure he has no control any more…

I don’t. Zwift pulled my Admin rights.

All, please help with any advice. My last three races now all are stuck on the green bolt. Is there anything anyone can think of which could be causing this?

Note, I have not changed my privacy settings, but I do sometimes save races as ‘followers only’. Would this cause green-bolt?


Activities saved privately or to followers will not produce a .fit file on Zwiftpower. They must be saved publicly.

Thank. Thats probably it. But… I changed my Zwift activities to public and seems to retroactively updated!!!

Got the same canned response from Zwift. It would be good if they just added this bit of guidance …