TDZ Stage 5 - No Zwift Power fit file processed


Here’s my profile: https : // www . zwiftpower . com/profile.php?z=852154

and here’s the race: https : // www . zwiftpower . com/events.php?zid=1588180

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As you can see I don’t have the mythical blue lighting next to my latest ride despite it being public and all the other fit files have finished processing for this race. Is there a process for getting the file re-imported (or whatever)?


Unfortunately it’ll be lost. You were far from alone in that event if you scroll through.

This is what I posted in the Where is my 20 Minute Power thread:

Somehow, the importance of reliable data has been lost upon Zwift Inc. I’ve had both of the Tour de Zwift stages done in the last three days, Stages 4 and 5, stay uncertified as indicated by a green bolt. In both events, I did some very hard work and anticipated seeing how I did. Instead, it’s apparently going to be lost to the winds and there’s nothing to do for it. I am certainly less than pleased.

I understand that those of us who take those numbers seriously are a small subset of users on Zwift, but we tend to be the “Vocal Minority” who will ultimately get frustrated and leave for more stable pastures. I know that the experienced users on here tend to be the evangelists for the platform and if Zwift continues down this path we’ll find other ways to spend our fitness time, money and evangelizing…

You are now blue but I roughly counted 10% of the top200 are still being processed. ZP also shows a small backlog of fit files and its not unusual for them to take longer during peak times (ZRL/TTT/special events).

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Agree - since they moved ZP to new infrastructure, they have failed to fix all the issues they broke (think about 6 things still outstanding), then they had the recent dramas of nothing being processed that impacted us all, and now down to a very inconsistent service.

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Loving the optimism


Just thankful I’m not an IOS bluetooth user :wink: to add to my list of broken thing things that impact me everytime I zwift - but I’m still paying so that says something


The optimism paid off! That race went blue for them. Now to just get mine blue…

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Yes, it seems I was one of the last to be processed. Like you all I wring myself inside out on Zwift and then rely on ZwiftPower to give me accurate and reliable results/analysis. I Would be very disappointed if data was ‘estimated’.

Thanks for the replies.

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Miracles do happen :+1:

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I have exactly the same problem:
TDZ stage 5 - 25th January 10.00AM CET, ride is public, bolt remains green.

It still remains green.
Too bad, because it was my best 20 min ever until now.