ZwiftPower not getting .fit files

Normally, ZwiftPower gets fit file data 3 hours after an event. That did not happen for the stages 5a and 5b of the Fast is flat series this morning. Also missing last night’s TdZ stage 8 .fit. Is there a known issue?

Over the past few months the updating of fit files has occasionally been a day or even two behind. Usually it catches itself back up. ( I’m not 100% sure but I wonder whether it is slowed down by WTRL and very large tour de Zwift events ?? )

Your last night’s event has just updated in the last 15 minutes.

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I see the that Zwift’s “no ZP development” has managed to remove the status page that we used to be able to use to monitor progress during busy periods.

I suppose that could be it. Last night’s TdZ finally populated. So at least it isn’t totally broken.

The queue numbers were incorrect anyway (unless this was actually fixed at some point) so just as well, I guess… Zwiftpower .fit file queue metrics incorrect

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“Too hard to fix so let’s remove it, they wont notice”

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