ZwiftPower won't update FIT file

I don’t know what’s going on but ZwiftPower doesn’t update the FIT files for some reason. This problem started during the Big Spin. I did one Big spin ride when I late joined. I have public account and I haven’t change any settings. Now FIT files are updated from group rides but not from races and this is driving me craze. I try to be open with my power data. Anyone else with same problem?

Lots of problems with ZwiftPower and the integrity of data fed to ZwiftPower lately.

It’s happened to me on one race only - a Zwift games stage. Even weeks later it’s still showing numbers from live data rather than fit file. I did a Big Spin event right before and it’s almost certainly that event that has messed everything up, Zwiftpower somehow used my power numbers from the Zwift Games race and put them on the Big Spin.

Averaged 147w on the big spin but somehow it still thinks I averaged 297w for 20m at some point during it.

Another one here, FIT file not being used to update Zwift Power and the last few events no data at all except average power andd HR for the event, all started during the Big Spin events

Up: I know a lot of people who have similar problems with the .fit file not coming through in recent days.

I have a similar problem, but slightly different problem as it actually shows my .fit file is loaded into Zwiftpower event, while it clearly is not:

Lefthand-side is Zwiftpower .fit file analysis tool powercurve . Righthand-side is Zwiftpower event powercurve (supposedly from .fit file - blue icon, but it’s live data).

This is what ZwiftPower has for me

Date Race avg watts NP 20m 5m 1m 30s 15s Avg Max Result Gain

E 6 4/25/24 Uphill Battle 2.1w/kg 189w 89.7kg 130bpm
E 8 4/24/24 Arise 2.2w/kg 198w 89.7kg 139bpm
A 68 4/22/24 Workout 2 | Endurance Escalator | Spring Training 2.3w/kg 204w 89.7kg 133bpm
A 80 4/17/24 Workout 1 | Sweet Spot Foundation | Spring Training 2.1w/kg 190w 89.7kg 133bpm
D 33 4/15/24 GXY SURGE [1.6-2.5wkg] – CAT D 1.8w/kg 165w
2.0w/kg 2.3w/kg 3.8w/kg 5.0w/kg 5.3w/kg 89.7kg 112bpm 161bpm
D 16 4/13/24 GXY75 [2.3-2.7wkg] CAT C & [1.8-2.2wkg] CAT D 1.8w/kg 164w
1.9w/kg 2.2w/kg 2.9w/kg 3.0w/kg 3.2w/kg 89.7kg 115bpm 142bpm
C 41 4/9/24 DBR Tuesday Race 2.0w/kg 177w
2.0w/kg 2.4w/kg 3.0w/kg 4.0w/kg 4.1w/kg 89.7kg 128bpm 149bpm 33km 573.06 0.51
C 21 4/9/24 Stage 2: Lap It Up - Glasgow Crit Circuit Reverse 2.6w/kg 230w
2.6w/kg 2.8w/kg 3.3w/kg 4.3w/kg 5.1w/kg 89.7kg 149bpm 163bpm 19km 510.25 17.95
E 4/7/24 GXY 100 [2.0-2.4WKG] CAT HIGH D & [1.6-2.0WKG] CAT LOW D 1.6w/kg 140w
1.8w/kg 2.3w/kg 3.7w/kg 4.8w/kg 5.6w/kg 89.7kg 115bpm 163bpm 100km
D 11 4/6/24 GXY75 [2.3-2.7wkg] CAT C & [1.8-2.2wkg] CAT D 1.9w/kg 168w
2.0w/kg 2.2w/kg 2.4w/kg 2.5w/kg 2.5w/kg 89.7kg 119bpm 140bpm
A 109 4/4/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 1.9w/kg 169w
2.3w/kg 2.8w/kg 3.0w/kg 3.2w/kg 3.2w/kg 89.7kg 128bpm 159bpm 47km
B 273 4/3/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 2.0w/kg 180w
2.0w/kg 2.2w/kg 2.9w/kg 3.4w/kg 3.5w/kg 89.7kg 128bpm 146bpm 47km
B 90 4/3/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 2.7w/kg 239w
1.8w/kg 1.9w/kg 89.7kg 147bpm 169bpm 47km
B 172 4/3/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 2.0w/kg 178w
2.1w/kg 2.3w/kg 2.8w/kg 3.3w/kg 3.6w/kg 89.7kg 121bpm 149bpm 47km
B 204 4/2/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 1.7w/kg 150w
1.6w/kg 1.8w/kg 2.0w/kg 2.1w/kg 2.3w/kg 89.7kg 115bpm 125bpm 47km
B 165 4/2/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 2.1w/kg 190w
2.3w/kg 2.5w/kg 3.0w/kg 3.6w/kg 3.8w/kg 89.7kg 130bpm 153bpm 47km
A 197 4/1/24 Stage 4 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 2.3w/kg 206w
2.7w/kg 2.9w/kg 3.5w/kg 4.3w/kg 5.0w/kg 89.7kg 141bpm 169bpm 47km