Zwiftpower FIT Files for TTT

Hi, Now that the .fit file processing seems to have been resolved mainly can you please look into this annoyance.

It seems that even days after the events the WTRL TTT events for a lot of people still only have live data which is not accurate for power metrics. Perhaps it’s something to do with the delayed starts in the pen??! Sometimes they show for me but a lot of the time the fit file never updates and as you see for the example below around 75% of people only have green bolts.


+1 for this problem.

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+1 more here (although lack of full processing has moved me back down a category, so maybe I shouldn’t complain)

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Agree, this should be resolved.
I have a blue bolt on about 50% of the TTT events I attend, the other ones stay green. I haven’t found any correlation with the starting delay – but I haven’t really tested it scientifically yet :slight_smile:



From Tuesdays ZRL TTT I don’t think it can be start delay related; we only had 4mins delay this week and in fact I was lucky and got the fit file data but my 5 team mates are all stuck on live data… :man_shrugging:t2:

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still no data available here. for Emea E1 Division 1

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This is also the case for EMEA E1 Division 2 - still only half of participants have had FIT files processed (in C category anyways)…

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any news? @xflintx

+1 with this issue

I have the same issue - awaiting ZRL .fit file from Tuesday.

+1 for <events.php?zid=1536864>

Stil no data from this TTT on my profil… Anyone knows when?

Tell Sticky. Oh … wait …


If they’ve not been processed yet, it’s not going to happen.

Yes please. Some have the data others dont. In my team I have the data but none of my teammates do. We all started and finished at same time.

Massive issue.

@xflintx did you try my suggestion and run a manual refresh on some riders to see if it worked?

The integrity of competition is at stake. As any riders not upgraded out of category by 3rd event can finish the season. I bet there is at least one rider in every division who has dodged an upgrade as a result of this issue.

+1 for this issue. Haven’t had fit file data for a TTT since before Christmas (and 20 min power difference has been significant)

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Another +1 here. I have 2 TTT events awaiting the .fit file sync. 20 min power is way off for example last nights 20 min Power from live data is 3.9w/kg however it was almost 4.3 from the .fit file.

I have the same issue from last weeks TTT also.

@zwift is anybody reading these forum posts?? Some feedback on whether the issue is being looked at would be very nice…

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WTRL currently isn’t even posting the results from the latest TTT due to missing data issues…

Zwift knows that there’s an issue, and I think we have to assume they’re doing their best to fix it, but at the end of the day, I suspect ZP just wasn’t designed to deal with the volume of data and users they’re seeing, so a fix is not going to be trivial.

Zwift has commented on the data issues. Can’t link to the posts directly, but search for posts from xflintx.

I’ve completed 23 WTRL TTT events and have only ever had 5 fit file (blue bolt) processed. The rest are live file (green bolt) which wildy inaccurate. Should have been upgraded long ago!