ZwiftPower restoration update [March 2021]

That’s actually a great question, and your thinking is correct in that it should be easier and under the same umbrella. That’s being discussed as well.


Snip probably best explains it. Note this is a Watopia race:


I’ve used the ZP account creation and linking process in a totally unrelated presentation I did last year. Let’s say it wasn’t to demonstrate best practices.


This perfectly illustrates it. Thank you!

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You might be aware of it, but there is still a big issue with pulling FIT files from WTRL’s events, especially TTTs. The FIT files are only analysed in rare cases. There is a separate thread about the issue here: Zwiftpower FIT Files for TTT - #19 by Simon_Perkins
We haven’t seen any response from Zwift in there, so we don’t really know if it’s being looked into…


some newer courses don’t show in the course column of the event page


Data in the “live” tab, where you can view power output of other riders at any time during an event, often shows up with a long delay, or gets stuck at some time (ie, the race has progressed until km 27, but the live data are still showing the situation as it was at km5). The usual delay used to be around a minute, or so, which was already on the verge of limiting this function’s usefulness. Even shorter would be nice, but it would be already great if it would function more reliably


one more thing: at some point it was promised that the functionality of automated threads for event-specific discussions would be restored, as was the case when ZP still had a public forum. Not unexpectedly, post-race discussion has all but disappeared, after the forum was shut down and threads had to be initiated manually here on the Zwift forum.


It seems that the view race report is not working anymore. The page is stuck on work in progress, despite being from races with fit file data (blue bolt). It used to be a bit hit and miss and sometimes required a reload but does not work for me anymore, using windows 10 and Chrome. The power curve tab still works properly



Missing route profile for Park Perimeter Rev.


Event ID: 1942142

Missing route profile and name for "Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop"


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I have three requests, things that would mean a lot:

I would like to have the direct link to the ZHQ rider profiles back in the race results. I’m referring to that little green bar diagram icon that used to sit on the far left in the results on each line/rider. (I’m not talking about the pie chart icon on the far right.)

I liked the transparency it brought. It was so convenient with a direct link to other riders’ HR diagrams in order to spot the cruisers in the race.

These days you have to search for the corresponding rider in the ZHQ results and, due to the many sandbaggers in any and every race, a placing on ZP almost never corresponds to a ZHQ placing.

Also, due to navigation issues on, it is not that easy to get to the results page for a particular race, especially if a few days have gone by. It is generally somewhat easier to use the companion app. But then if I, for example, would like to have a look at a winner’s HR diagram, then I’m on a different platform and device. It gets complicated. With the previous direct link you could get to ZHQ rider profiles easily even in very old races.

I would like more data. These days if you want to look at race results in races you didn’t participate in yourself, then you can only browse races a couple of weeks back and it’s such a shame. The data is there, you just can’t browse it and step through more pages of past races than just a few.

Why is this? It can’t be a Data Protection Act/GDPR issue, since if you can show what you show today, then you should be able to get away with showing up to 2 years of data. Is it a performance issue? Cloud costs? Fear of competitor scraping? Or nobody ever asked simply? (I do now, and I think it would be really valuable to users for several reasons.)

This might be asking too much, but if, in addition to deeper historical data, I could also export race results to .xlsx or .csv easily, then that would be wonderful. I have my reasons. I like doing statistics, no secrets there, but I’m sure there are e.g. league organizers who would appreciate this too when cross-posting results on social media or just keeping tabs on their league, which might be running for a whole season.

I really like the transparency that Zwift already provides. (Compare it to the hush-hush RL cycling world.) It’s actually one of the things I like the most about Zwift. You get all these numbers thrown in your face. It’s fine to disregard them and just ride but you can also take a closer look at your own numbers and learn a lot about yourself from them. And then you can look at other riders’ numbers and learn from that too. But I think you could go a few notches further. I mean, I can sic a scraper on ZP today if I really want the data but it feels wrong.


Zwift Power - JETT Monday Morning Ride (2.5~3.0w/kg) my data for this ride is incorrect despite a blue bolt. i recorded a 1 min pr of 10+ wkg up libby hill. the NP is showing as lower than my actual wattage (173 raw vs. 164 NP). my time and power up libby is correct in the the kom tab and on strava etc. nothing unusual like a connection drop or anything happened during the ride so i’ve no idea what caused it

Zwift Power - 3R Endurance Steady Ride [~3.0w/kg] here is another recent bugged entry. i was disconnected from the ride after 2 minutes but it put me in the results anyway

i believe these are recent bugs as i’ve never encountered either of them before

The number of .fit files waiting processing in the queue is still not indicated correctly on the front page or on the event pages concerned. (I guess this won’t be much of an issue (except for Tuesdays…) as the summer approaches and event participation decreases overall.)

You appear to have significantly overestimated any fixes to the ZwiftPower site, I’m still finding about 1 race in 3 is failing to have some or all of its ‘fit files’ processed.
Most recently yesterday afternoon’s Road to Sky ride where no-one in Category A, B, or C has had their data properly reported:
ZwiftPower Event ID=1946028

As for a “constructive” discussion, I think most would agree that your bullet point glibly saying you’re not asking for a “blue sky wishlist for a faster, stronger, able-to-leap-tall-buildings ZwiftPower” is the pretty much the definition of non-constructive since long-suffering users would almost universally accept a site that simply works in the most basic sense by processing all ride data, processing that data correctly, and doing so in a somewhat timely manner. We’re far too realistic to be expecting anything else or better and I imagine many are annoyed at even reading such a barbed point, I recommend you remove it!

It seems that for some riders events are not completing correctly in Zwift Power:

This happened to me twice, for the WTRL Duathlon Bike leg specifically 2 weeks in a row. No other events were impacted and I always get my data perfectly, often with fit file as well so it does not appear to be an issue on my end.

Here’s an example:
This is LIVE data filtered by my name.

Results view for the same event, again filtered by my name:

Event: Zwift Power - Zwift Duathlon League | WTRL - Opt 4 Bike
I did complete this event but it never showed up in my profile as a “Finished” event. This means the data from the event is not used in calculating my category and power numbers.
This seems to be a widespread issue. It did not happen to me this past week but I have seen reports that it is ongoing. Hopefully it can be rectified and these events actually marked as Finished so we can get recognition for them.

Are these courses always the same newer ones? Also, have you noticed if it’s unique to event type, i.e. race vs. group ride?

This is one I mentioned in the top on the original post. It’s one of the biggest issues in terms of reliability of data, so we are looking into it. Thanks for the detail.