Still green bolt for Monday TdZ event

Hi dear ZwiftPower support,

Looks like some problems in ZP with processing FIT files.
My results from Monday TDZ Stage 3: Group Ride event (at 20:00 MSK) still have green bolt and FIT file still unprocessed. Results for other TdZ events were processed rather quickly and only this one stuck. Who can fix that?
Profile ID: 2997561
Event ID: 1505434

I’m having the same problem with yesterday’s TdZ Stg4 GR Long at 1pm GMT. About 10%, including me, still have green bolts. Annoying…

Still green lightning bolt for yesterday’s BRT race for me. I’m one of the few. Sticky mentioned in a previous thread that this can be reset?? for reset requests

They aren’t manually syncing .fit files for anyone. If it’s still green now its most likely to stay green unfortunately. Annoying I know :unamused:

Where have they stated this? Flint had previously asked people to send an email where the individual results werent fixed after they addressed the underlying problem (which I think is fixed but not 100% on that)

EDIT: wouldnt surprise me given they have broken a heap of functions since moving ZP and no sign of them ever being fixed.

It was on the “Missing Live Data Update” thread. A lot of requests to sync individual fit file were being made and he said they weren’t going to be doing it.

Unless they have since changed their mind over the last few weeks and are now manually syncing everyone’s .fit files upon request? If they have, I have missed that Info.